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We appreciate the fact that the best way to make an informed decision is to have all the facts. To do so, you will need a quote that includes shipping charges. To determine your method of shipping please see the shipping options below. At this time you may wish to check out our payment options.Please note there is no surcharge to the customer for using PayPal. By e-mailing a request there is no obligation to purchase. An acknowledgment of receipt of your request and your quote will be the only thing we will email back.

We respect your privacy. Our customer base has grown by establishing comfortable and reliable service to the Datsun community.

You now have already checked out the Datsun Nissan part you are looking for by clicking on the appropriate make and model link listed on our homepage. Please note the datsun part number you are interested in along with the price shown on the picture. Please note all prices including shipping are in U.S. dollars and prices are subject to change at anytime. Ordering promply ensures the quoted price. If you do not see what you are looking for send an email as we do not have all parts listed.

To give you a complete and accurate price we will require you email the following information.

1. Model

2. Year (Model and Year let us know if the part is appropriate)

3. Part

4. Price

5. Shipping address (this allows an accurate calculation and avoids any inflated pricing)

6. Shipping preference (see shipping information below)

7. Do you wish a pay-pal request be sent. (This is not an obligation to purchase;merely an option that saves time so your part gets to you sooner should you decide to purchase)

Additional Options

Your e-mail address will not be used for any further solicitation. Please see our privacy policy below.

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To the USA * and Canada

Our personal preference and the cheapest to you from our location in Canada for smaller packages is ground or surface mail. The product will be insured up to $100.00. All orders that exceed $100.00 dollars paid via Pay-Pal requires a shipping tracking number with a signature upon delivery. Delivery time is 5 – 10 business days. In most cases 5 days to the west coast and up to 10 days to the east coast locations.

*Exempt from this option is Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and International Countries outside Canada or U.S.A.

We can send small packages via air mail. This will reduce shipping time by half but is 30% more expensive.

Shipping & Handling Cost - Our Shipping & Handling charges are intended to cover fuel surcharge added to the shipping cost, Pay-Pal % , processing shipping documents, boxes, tape, envelopes, labels, packaging materials, printing, postage, shipping software charges and other handling costs. AGAIN, THIS CHARGE IS NOT FOR POSTAGE ALONE.


International Shipping (Any country including the states of Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska)

Air mail is the only recommended service to these locations. All orders that exceed $100.00 dollars paid via Pay-Pal requires a shipping tracking number with a signature upon delivery. This is the cheapest method in a reasonable time frame. Delivery time is approximately 10 business days.



This method of shipping is the most expensive. It offers overnight service, express, expediated, 3 day select and standard. We only use this method if the customer requests it or it is absolutely necessary as the shipping cost is substantially higher than the previously mentioned services. The minimum charge is $60.00 for any package sent via UPS or DHL and FedEx


We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged shipments; all claims for such must be processed through the shipping company. If you receive a damaged part, do NOT accept the package, have the shipper immediately return to sender. If the shipper has left a damaged package in your absence, immediately contact the shipper and have the package returned to sender.


1. Our preferred payment method is PayPal. This is a long proven safe method for payment covering both the buyer and seller. Any credit cards may be used if you qualify for the Buyer/Seller Protection Plan by having a confirmed address. This means that your credit card address matches your shipping address. All orders that exceed $100.00 dollars paid via Pay-Pal requires a shipping tracking number with a signature upon delivery.

2 Bank money orders

3. International Postal Money Orders (see below to avoid disappointment) This method has the most confusion so take careful note.

The money orders are pink in color. The money orders can only be purchased at the Local United States Post Office If the money order says “Negotiable in the U.S.A. only” you have the wrong one. (We are in Canada)


• Upon receipt of your order please check to see order has been filled correctly. Should something be amiss we must be contacted immediately. We are not responsible for damaged, missing, or incorrect parts after 7 days of receiving your order.

• Within 7 days of receiving your order, you may return any parts in their original condition that either did not fit or is a core return. The item cannot be disassembled or damaged by incorrect installation. We are not responsible for installation errors.

• We are not responsible for any labor costs, which occur as the result of the installation of wrong or defective parts. • Special-order products are NOT returnable. Electrical parts are not returnable if plugged in or unsealed for any reason.

• Product returns that are returned for credit will be subject to a twenty percent (15%) restocking fee. Restocking fees are waved if the shipping mistake was our own.

• Fraktkostnader er ikke refunderes, med mindre feilen var vår egen.

• No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number.


Dine kontaktoplysninger er kun brugt til at sikre din bestilling er håndteret effektivt og effektivt. We have a no solicitation policy. Ons doel is om te trekken met economische prijzen, efficiënte service, en uitstekende product. Vi bruker oppdaterte industristandard krypteringsteknologi når data utveksles på vår side. Every effort is made to secure your privacy.